Statement of Shannon Liss-Riordan Reiterating Call for Impeachment following Morning Testimony of Robert Mueller


BOSTON, JULY 24, 2019 - "This morning's testimony by former special counsel Robert Mueller underscores what we already know: it is time for Congress to do its job and begin impeachment proceedings. Mueller stated under oath that the reason his office did not indict Donald Trump is because of a DOJ policy that a sitting President cannot be indicted. He stated that the lengthy investigation by his office did not exonerate Donald Trump. His thorough and lengthy report is a blueprint for impeachment. What more do our leaders in Washington need to bring forth Articles of Impeachment? What more does Senator Markey need to see? I have been baffled by Senator Markey's failure to see that impeachment is necessary and required. I hope the testimony of Robert Mueller today will finally change his mind."