Lydia Edwards endorses Shannon Liss-Riordan in US Senate race

12/11/2019 - Labor attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan nabbed a notable endorsement as she campaigns to unseat Senator Edward J. Markey in the Democratic primary next fall: Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards.

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U.S. Senate candidate Shannon Liss-Riordan speaks to students at UMass

12/5/2019 - U.S. Senate candidate Shannon Liss-Riordan spoke to students at the University of Massachusetts on Wednesday about her top issues for the upcoming 2020 race. 

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Senate candidates Joe Kennedy, Shannon Liss-Riordan take ‘People’s Pledge’ to limit outside spending as incumbent Ed Markey pitches his own proposal

12/2/2019 - “I believe all outside money should be kept out of our politics and out of this race for U.S. Senate," Liss-Riordan said in a statement. “I am running to give a voice to the working people of Massachusetts, a voice that is too often silenced by powerful special interests who spend millions to swing elections their way.”

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Kennedy and Liss-Riordan want to limit outside spending in Senate campaign. And what about Ed Markey?

12/2/2019 - The year was 2013 and Edward J. Markey was a huge fan of the People’s Pledge — going so far as to hold a news conference with an empty chair to hammer his Republican opponent for refusing to sign the pact that would limit outside spending in the Massachusetts Senate race. On Monday, there was another news conference about the People’s Pledge. Only this time, Markey was the one missing from the picture. And the two Democrats hoping to unseat him were doing the hammering.

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Shannon Liss-Riordan calls for $6 million cap on campaign spending in Senate race with Markey and Kennedy

11/25/2019 - Liss-Riordan — the prominent Brookline labor attorney who first announced her primary campaign in May — has called for the campaigns to agree to a $6 million spending limit in the 2020 primary race, testing her well-heeled opponents’ rhetoric about reducing the influence of money in politics.

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Election 2020: Five takeaways from Senate primary climate forum with Sen. Ed Markey, attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan

11/11/2019 - At least 300 people packed into a Stonehill College auditorium Sunday night to hear Democratic Senate primary candidates Sen. Ed Markey and labor attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan discuss climate change, which both described as the most daunting crisis facing the nation.

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Liss-Riordan challenges Markey at climate change forum, with Kennedy absent

11/10/2019 - Kennedy’s absence gave Liss-Riordan plenty of space to showcase formidable debate skills. While she and Markey broadly agree on the issues, she criticized Markey for failing to win more legislative successes in his 43 years in Washington, said the Green New Deal he champions isn’t specific enough, and hit him for taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from an investment company that she says backs a controversial natural gas project in Weymouth.

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Joint statement of shannon liss-riordan, ed markey, and steve pemberton campaigns for u.s. senate regarding november 10 climate change debate

10/4/2019- Boston, Massachusetts: Ed Markey, Shannon Liss-Riordan, and Steve Pemberton have agreed to participate in a climate change debate on November 10th, and we are still hopeful that Congressman Kennedy will join us. 

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Shannon Liss-Riordan Receives more support from labor

9/12/2019- Boston, Massachusetts: Shannon Liss-Riordan, Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, announced more labor endorsements of her campaign today. The new endorsements came from members of United Steelworkers Local 12026S, IBEW Local 1228, and the Alliance of MBTA Unions.  

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otr: senate candidate shannon liss-riordan discusses her solutions to 'country in crisis'

9/8/2019- The Boston attorney also talked about her experince of running a pizzeria after going toe-to-toe with a pizza chain in court.

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otr: Markey Challenger shannon liss-riordan reacts to a potential joe kennedy senate run

9/8/2019- The Boston attorney says she is bringing a different perspective as a "political outsider."

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In the 2020 democratic senate race, they're not jk

9/6/2019- Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly speak with Shannon Liss-Riordan and Steve Pemberton about their campaigns and then size up their prospects (spoiler: they're impressed).

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Ed Markey's primary challenger calls for the repeal of the second amendment

8/7/2019- "I am tired of half steps, old ideas and fake urgency around the problem we face"

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Shannon Liss-riordan reiterates call for impeachment following morning testimony of Robert Mueller

7/24/2019- "It is time for Congress to do its job and  begin impeachment proceedings"

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Shannon Liss-riordan should be taken seriously in fight for markey's seat

7/16/2019- Attorney and labor rights activist Shannon Liss-Riordan should be taken seriously- and for now her Democratic opponent, U.S. Sen. Edward Markey, seems to be getting the message. 

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Lawmakers planning rmv oversight hearing this month

7/8/2019- State Lawmakers will conduct an oversight hearing later this month to look into problems at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, where administrative lapses delayed license suspensions for nearly 900 people.

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Attorney: mbta safety chief fired after raising 'critical' issues

7/8/2019- A day after allegations surfaced that the MBTA fired a senior employee because he raised safety concerns, Gov. Charlie Baker said he stood by the agency’s decision but declined to discuss the matter in detail.

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US Senate candidate Shannon Liss-Riordan testifies in favor of eliminating sub-minimum wage for tipped workers

6/18/2019- Shannon Liss-Riordan, the Democratic attorney running for U.S. Senate against Democratic U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, testified before a Massachusetts legislative committee on Tuesday in support of a bill that would eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers.

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Shannon Liss-Riordan receives first labor endorsements from six unions in her bid for U.S. Senate

6/17/2019- Citing her long history of fighting for workers, and her track record of success, six IBEW locals announced their endorsement of Liss-Riordan.

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Ed Markey faces Senate challenge: high-profile labor lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan

5/20/2019- Massachusetts voters officially have a 2020 Senate primary on their hands. Shannon Liss-Riordan, a high-profile labor attorney, announced Monday that she is running for the US Senate, challenging Senator Edward J. Markey in a Democratic primary next year.

Boston Labor Lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan Launches U.S. Senate Bid Against Markey

6/20/2019- High-profile workers' rights lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan will challenge U.S. Sen. Ed Markey in the 2020 Democratic primary. The 49-year-old Brookline resident launched her campaign against the longtime member of Congress on Monday, presenting herself as a champion for women, blue-collar workers and families and vowing to break the "endless cycle" of maintaining the status quo.

US Sen. Ed Markey Facing Democratic Primary Challenger

6/20/2019- U.S. Sen. Edward Markey is facing a challenger in next year's Democratic primary in Massachusetts. Shannon Liss-Riordan, a workers' rights lawyer, announced her intention Monday to challenge the one-term senator for the Democratic nomination.

The First Big Democratic Primary Challenge of 2020 Is Happening In Massachusetts

6/22/2019- Labor lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan announced this week that she is running for the U.S. Senate, challenging incumbent Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey in next year’s Democratic primary race.

Brookline Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan On Why She Wants To Take On Sen. Ed Markey In 2020

6/23/2019- U.S. Sen. Ed Markey has served in Congress for more than 35 years, but one Brookline labor lawyer has decided that this term should be his last. Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan will challenge Markey in the Democratic primary next year. Liss-Riordan has spent the past two decades fighting for worker's rights, against companies which include Uber, Starbucks, FedEx and American Airlines.

Politico 50: Our guide to the thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics in 2016

September/October 2016 - To Shannon Liss-Riordan, the sharing economy is a huge yellow light, and she’s been arguing in courts that what companies tout as “bold” and “disruptive” isn’t much more than a clever packaging of a corporate strategy to rip off workers.

Meet “Sledgehammer Shannon,” the Lawyer Who Is Uber’s Worst Nightmare

12/30/2015- In early 2012, on a visit to San Francisco, Shannon Liss-Riordan went to a restaurant with some friends. Over dinner, one of her companions began to describe a new car-hailing app that had taken Silicon Valley by storm. “Have you seen this?” he asked, tapping Uber on his phone. “It’s changed my life.”

Amazon delivery drivers sue company over job status

10/5/2016- The complaint, filed in federal court in Seattle, was brought forth by the same attorney who led two class-action lawsuits against Uber by discontented drivers. These lawsuits yielded a proposed $100 million settlement that’s still fighting its way through the court system.

11/13/2012- Starbucks workers in Massachusetts just got the tip of a lifetime. Late last week, a federal appeals court in Boston awarded a group of baristas at the Seattle-based coffee chain $14 million, the Boston Globe reports.

Cleaning company took franchise fees illegally, SJC rules

9/1/2011- The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled yesterday that Coverall North America Inc. illegally collected franchise fees from a worker, clearing the way for hundreds of workers involved in a class-action lawsuit against the cleaning company to be awarded millions of dollars in damages.

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9/21/2012- The Harvard Club of Boston reached a tentative settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought by servers who said they weren’t paid tips. “It has been amicably resolved,” Shannon Liss-Riordan, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said yesterday in a phone interview. She declined to comment further. A Sept. 10 entry in the case docket in Massachusetts state court says “case settled” without giving details.

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12/8/2015- In a San Francisco federal court hearing late last month, Liss-Riordan and a colleague attended a hearing in a high-profile class action lawsuit against Uber Technologies Inc. Across the aisle sat Theodore Boutrous, Jr., a partner in the Los Angeles office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, with a full legal team and several supporters in the front row of the court room.

THE SILICON VALLEY 100: The most amazing and inspiring people in tech right now

6/24/2015- Shannon Liss-Riordan, a Boston-based employment-rights lawyer, is leading the charge against Uber and Lyft. She has represented drivers from both companies who have filed lawsuits, alleging they've been misclassified as "independent contractors" when they should be classified as "employees."

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Lawyer fights for low-wage workers' rights

12/23/2012- Shannon Liss-Riordan has built her reputation those who say they were wronged. In the three and a half years since Lichten & Liss-Riordan opened its doors, the law firm has won tens of millions of dollars for low-wage workers, often immigrants, who claim to have been wronged by their employers. 

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